A Blissful Massage
Massage that WORKS


I have lived in SW Washington for over 22 years, and have been to roughly 14 massage therapists in that time. Once I happened upon Greg Reid, thanks to a newspaper ad, I haven’t found anyone else who compares in terms of knowledge, ability and caring. He was the only one who was able to help me walk pain free after a nerve injury to my knee, and I am now able to keep a 6 day-a week spin and weights regimen because I see him regularly. I will never go to another massage therapist since I know I have found the best. Thank you Greg.

Michelle H.


The best massage I have ever had.


Cathy S


All I can say is AMAZING!!
He was great. My knee felt better the second I walked out



I will vouch for Greg as well.   After the first appointment at which he got right in to the neck pain I'd had for a couple of years, signed up for the year plan. I have had him work on various problem spots at each appointment since, and am surprised to be running out of spots to have him work on.  Because I'm having him work on painful areas rather than "give me a massage" I muse about the name he has chosen for his business.  "A Blissful Massage" barely fits what I have him do, although I did have a traditional massage from him once and I think I dozed off on the table and slept better that night than many.  He has a vast repertoire of tricks in his back pocket.  He got rid of scar tissue in my upper arm, along with that neck issue I'd had since I had some dental work done.  I went down on my knee on the bike and he got the kinks out of the nearby muscles so they got some fresh blood again to heal more quickly.  He's easy going, will work on whatever I ask him to work on (not always in the way I expect, yet always gets the job done), interesting to talk with when I feel like talking and is quiet when I am, all-around decent human being and a great massage therapist.



Love this guy, amazing !



I really think this is exactly what I have hoped to find! Thank you Greg. I think you'll be putting up with me fairly regularly now.



The massage was great! Thank you!



I'm a picky client I have a lot of issues and need specific areas focused on, I've had countless massages and had practiced massage therapy for 11 years! Greg is one of the best I've ever had! Had horrible hip and leg pain and walked out of the office without a limp feeling new again! Greg works wonders! highly recommended:)



Greg was awesome! Relived some of the long-term pain and discomfort I was experiencing. Very knowledgeable and professional. Catered to my needs and concerns, very polite and kind. I totally recommend.



I met Greg 10 years ago, and he's been keeping me upright ever since. He is the real deal. No BS, just straight up awesome massages. He knows exactly where I'm hurting, and he connects to my body energy exactly right every time. He's also great at Bowen, energy work, and many other forms of therapy. He will know exactly how to help you.



Great massages. The therapeutic really fixed my neck. When I'm stressed from work and kids the relaxation is perfect.



Great therapeutic massages Greg totally fixed my neck that has bothered me for years. His relaxation massages put me on cloud 9. 



Tranquil calming atmosphere where I come to find help for tight and sore muscles with Greg



Just got off the table after a marvelous one hour acupuncture session and feel like a million bucks.



If you need RESULTS, Greg will deliver!! Respectful of your time, easy to book, excellent variety of dates/times to choose from.