A Blissful Massage
Massage that WORKS

About the Practitioner

I have been doing massage since 2002. My focus is therapeutic work including, therapeutic massage, deep tissue massage, Bowen therapy etc. I am also a certified Reflexologist with several hundred hours of training. I am a Reiki Master, energy worker, certified Q5 practitioner and certified Qi Gong instructor.

I prefer to take a holistic approach to your massage, addressing in detail, all the areas involved with your problem, not just where it hurts. Often this results in a more rapid relief from the discomfort you are suffering than the more common approach.

I have had a private practice since 2002, focusing on people injured on the job, car wrecks, falls and post surgery. I have had training in intra oral massage, oncology massage, Bowen therapy, deep tissue massage, therapeutic massage, hot/cold stone massage, relaxation massage, reflexology, universal reflexology, Tibetan reflexology, and vita flex to name a few.